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Blue Earth Beach Excursion

This year’s traditional end of year excursion saw the whole school head to the Inlet for a Blue Earth beach session. Instructor Mitch Barrow took the kids through the program of breathing exercises, balancing, throwing and catching, running and having fun. All the while, a young seal watched on while having a rest and catching sun sunshine on the nearby rocks.

The Blue Earth program promotes the joy and power of movement through positive participation. These experiences develop skills and motivation to embed lifelong healthy habits. The program aims to improve educational and wellbeing outcomes through non-competitive play and mindful movement. Encouraging kids to generally be more active.

At Aireys Inlet Primary School we love to get outdoors and learn in nature. Living on the Surf Coast we have a strong connection to the beach and the bush and use these as our classrooms. We take regular trips to the nearby Marine Sanctuary to help monitor marine life in the tidal areas. Students help out counting plastics on our beaches and water quality testing in the local estuary. We are fortunate to be able to work with different government and not-for-profit groups and learn how to look after and sustain our environment. Other times we just love to get outdoors and have fun!

What a great way to end the year!