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“Look over there! They are here” the year 3 to 5 were pointing at the 3 Geelong Cats players and everyone was so excited as Miss Able told us to go inside. So we quickly ran inside excited to see the the footy players.
As we all sat down we heard the door open and saw Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Henderson and Steward Cramerie. Jesse Dangerfield had just been married to Paddy’s cousin was running the program. We learnt about being healthy heroes by talking about eating healthy food and learning how to stay fit by spending at least 1 hour of exercise out side and the longest someone should be looking on at a screen should be two hours a day.
They taught us how to have a healthy lunch box. Including that a child should have two serves of fruit
and five serves of vegetables a day but don’t forget to have eight glasses of water a day for kids.
Finally we got all three of their autographs.
Everyone learnt a lot and had heaps of fun meeting the awesome footy players and learning lots to keep our body healthy and help grow up strong and healthy.
By Hamish and Charlie J