Students hit the beach for some after school waves.

The last two Wednesdays students from years 3 and 4 have hit the beach at Urqharts to improve their surfing skills ready for summer. Students have been able to participate in the SurfGroms program run by Go Ride A Wave in Anglesea.

A big thank you to Glen Hurst for organising this after school program for the kids. Growing up by the ocean our kids spend plenty of time at the beach and leading into the summer holidays it’s great the school can offer kids a such a great learning experience.

Having qualified surfing instructors in the water with them along with the small waves,  it has been perfect for the kids gaining confidence in the water.  There were some awesome rides and plenty of inventive ways the kids came up with to catch a wave. Lots of laughter and fun was had riding lying down on their backs.

Thanks to Go Ride A Wave for running the program after school. They run plenty of surf programs for all ages and abilities. The SurfGroms program is a good way for your kids to learn about the ocean and staying safe at the beach plus having heaps of fun learning to surf.






Robots – Digital Technology

Julie Fagan, Digital Technologies specialist teacher, visited our school and worked with each of the classes, using the new robotics resources we have purchased. Students had fun using MBots and Ozobots working through simple to more complex coding operations.

International Day

On Friday we hosted a special ‘International Day’ where the 4-6 students  shared some of their work from our Term Two Inquiry topic that focused on Geography.

From 8:45 am to 10:25 am, Rob Henry, the creator of the film ‘As Worlds Divide’, came to share his experience of living with a remote tribe in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. We have been studying this film as part of our Inquiry topic and the students had lots of interesting questions they were looking forward to asking Rob. They also displayed and shared some of the reflections they made while watching the film. Parents were invited to come in during this time to listen to Rob and view the students’ work.

That afternoon we will had an International Expo. Students displayed their Inquiry projects where they have investigated the geography and culture of a country of their choice. Students presented their projects to small groups and parents were again invited to come in and view their work. Students had the option of bringing in some traditional food from their country to share with their audience.

We also cooked nasi goreng at lunch time, and students could enjoy for a gold coin donation. The 4-6 students helped prepare the food and parents were welcome to come in at lunch time to sample some of our cooking.

All money raised on the day will go to the Suku Mentawai Foundation, a foundation set up by Rob to support the preservation of the indigenous culture of the Mentawai Islands. More information on the foundation can be found at .



Refugee Week 2018 – Photo Competition

On Wednesday Year 3 were lucky enough to catch a break in the weather to visit Gully Beach, the lighthouse and the Allan Noble Swamp to take photos for the Refugee Week Photo Competition. It was a fantastic experience and the students took many photos of their natural and built environment. They were so lucky to also catch some of the local and visiting wildlife, including a whale and a swan who seemed very interested in what was happening and came for a closer look. Here are some photos from the day. A huge thank you to Colleen for organising the event and Jill, who inspired the whole competition, and came along to assist on the day. Also Michelle and Col who joined us for the walk, Michelle taking many photos for us. Also Jo, who assisted with the excursion on the day and was able to see more of Aireys Inlet than our classroom. Without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to use our environment as the classroom for the day, and certainly not have it run as smoothly as it did.


Healthy Heroes – The Cats visit Aireys Inlet

“Look over there! They are here” the year 3 to 5 were pointing at the 3 Geelong Cats players and everyone was so excited as Miss Able told us to go inside. So we quickly ran inside excited to see the the footy players.
As we all sat down we heard the door open and saw Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Henderson and Steward Cramerie. Jesse Dangerfield had just been married to Paddy’s cousin was running the program. We learnt about being healthy heroes by talking about eating healthy food and learning how to stay fit by spending at least 1 hour of exercise out side and the longest someone should be looking on at a screen should be two hours a day.
They taught us how to have a healthy lunch box. Including that a child should have two serves of fruit
and five serves of vegetables a day but don’t forget to have eight glasses of water a day for kids.
Finally we got all three of their autographs.
Everyone learnt a lot and had heaps of fun meeting the awesome footy players and learning lots to keep our body healthy and help grow up strong and healthy.
By Hamish and Charlie J

Grade 5/6 Urban Camp.

What a wonderful time we had on Urban Camp in Week 1. We visited many places and received some very positive feedback about the behaviour and manners of the Grade 5/6 students (we will just forget about the lack of sleep some Lorne teachers had on the first night due to some night owls!!)

It was a fantastic experience catching public transport around the city; we learnt to read tram and train timetables, mapped our best route and planned our arrival and depar-ture times. Travelling on trains and trams during peak hour and making our way through a very crowded Central Station was exciting and perhaps just a little stressful for the adults, however, the students were very cooperative and respectful of others. We learnt to stand with our feet apart to balance our weight and made sure we had our hand on a seat or rail as we stood on some very crowded trains and trams.


Ice house 

When I stepped onto the rink, I wasn’t sure if I was shaking because I was cold or because I was scared. What if I fell and my fingers got ran over? What if I slipped and cracked my head? I felt the ground get very slippery and wet. They told us that the ice isn’t real so we shouldn’t eat it- I wouldn’t eat it if it was real either. Our instructor/teacher made us fall on pur-pose, why? I don’t know. The ice melted under me and soaked through my clothes. He said it wouldn’t hurt, but he lied. I looked around the rink and saw Ishy, Mia and Amelie gliding around the rink perfectly. I tried to skate a bit faster but came crashing down straight away. After about an hour of skating and falling, I stepped onto the hard non-slippery ground and took my helmet and skates off, my feet froze the instant I took off my skates.

By Kira Stanley


Overall, this was one of my favourite things to do.

“ and here ….. is where Ned Kelly got hanged!” our tour guide said. I suddenly got chills. Then our tour guide told us about the lady who escaped when someone’s trial was on.

Story – there was a lady called Ann ( I think ) and she was a well-behaved prisoner so she was allowed to do housekeeping instead of doing laundry like all of the other women. Someone’s trial was on, and the public wanted to know about it so they gathered to hear about it. She decided to put on the guard’s wife’s dress and managed to just walk out with all the other women. Soon enough a guard was shopping and saw her, and then she was returned to gaol. After we got to see the death masks, the cells, and the place where Ned Kelly got hanged. When we walked around to the cells I went with Savannah. The cells were so tiny, so if you were claustrophobic it wasn’t the best. It was creepy because you knew other people used to be locked up in there for 23 hours a day. The last hour was yard time. In the Gaol, they put wax figures in the cells to scare you, which I did get very scared. Our tour guide was really nice. The death masks are masks of the people that have been killed. With the girls’ death masks, it was impolite to shave their hair off, so they left the girls hair on which you could see if you looked closely. When we were at the entrance, the two big doors had spikes on them ( they weren’t sharp though. When we were walking around the University part, there was this tree that had roots that had grown on a wall. It was really cool! After, we got to the gift shop, I bought a key, and a bracelet.

By Shyra Gentle

Big Issue 

Leading up to the Big Issue I thought it was going to be boring. As we walked through the doors to the classroom, to take a seat, my head was stirring with thoughts. My favourite part was when Shane, our guest speaker, told us his story. He told us about how he became homeless because his dad was sick, his mum and brother had passed away and he had to be his dad’s carer. Sadly, his dad passed away and Shane thought it would be easier to live in the country and all his problems would be gone. It was the exact opposite. Shane started to feel homesick so he moved back to the city. The only thing was because he was homeless, he had to live on a friend’s couch for a while then he moved to a sheltered house. The first four houses were unsafe and turned out to be bad life experiences for him. It really touched me how someone like Shane became homeless but was then able to rebuild his confidence and his life. It almost brought a tear to my eye. After we were finished, we walked out onto the street and a lady was selling a copy of the Big Issue and lots of people made a donation or bought a copy of the magazine. Shane had also told us that even if the sellers have had their worst day someone that comes past that donates a small amount of money or says “Hello” can make their day. I was wrong. It was a great learning experience.

By Rio Calder


Surf Coast Century

“Imagine running at the foot of some of Australia’s tallest coastal cliffs, while the low tide of the Southern Ocean laps the sand at your feet. Ahead lies a magical 100km and 50km trail run journey along Victoria’s surf coast and wildflower hinterland. This is a unique run with a promise that no two steps will be the same… ”

Rapid Ascent website



4/6 Great Ocean Road Excursion

by Hamish Brown

On the 21st of June the 4/6 went down the incredible Great Ocean Road. Mr Hurst told the bus driver to so we could see Owen Right and Matt Wilko. I was so excited seeing the pro surfers. We asked them question like ‘Are you excited for J bay?’ and I said ‘Did you play soccer when you were younger?’ Then we said a big good bye to the pro surfers.

It was a sicking drive to the museum in Lorne I didn’t learn for my project but it was really interesting but I did learn in the museum there was a really old gun and people have thought that it was a pirate pistol but it was just a gun off the osprey ship.

We went to Teddy’s lookout and people were running past me saying they saw a turtle but I think it was just a floating piece of seaweed. We bolted back to the bus and went to Wye River.

We had some delicious fish and chips every time I looked at my mouth watered when I grabbed the salty chip and smudged it in the juicy tomato sauce. My mouth was gasping for water. There was a man  called Tristan told us about the Christmas bushfires and how 116 houses got burnt down to ground. Then we hopped on the bus and went to Aireys Inlet.