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Aireys Music Night 6pm         2018 Aireys Fair November coming.   2017 Aireys Fair               The 4/6 Great Ocean Road Excursion by Hamish Brown On the 21st of June the 4/6 went down the incredible Great Ocean Road. Mr Hurst told the bus driver to so we could see Owen Right and Matt Wilko. I was so excited seeing the pro surfers. We asked them question like ‘Are you excited for J bay?’ and I said ‘Did you play soccer when you were younger?’ Then we said a big good bye to the pro surfers. It was a sicking drive to the museum in Lorne I didn’t learn for my project but it was really interesting but I did learn in the museum there was a really old gun and people have thought that it was a pirate pistol but it was just a gun off the osprey ship. We went to teddy’s lookout and people were running past me saying they saw a turtle but I think it was just a floating piece of seaweed. We bolted back to the bus and went to Wye River. We had some delicious fish and chips every time I looked at my mouth watered when I grabbed the salty chip and smudged it in the juicy tomato sauce. My mouth was gasping for water. There was a man  called Tristan told us about the Christmas bushfires and how 116 houses got burnt down to ground. Then we hopped on the bus and went to Aireys Inlet.