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On Wednesday Year 3 were lucky enough to catch a break in the weather to visit Gully Beach, the lighthouse and the Allan Noble Swamp to take photos for the Refugee Week Photo Competition. It was a fantastic experience and the students took many photos of their natural and built environment. They were so lucky to also catch some of the local and visiting wildlife, including a whale and a swan who seemed very interested in what was happening and came for a closer look. Here are some photos from the day. A huge thank you to Colleen for organising the event and Jill, who inspired the whole competition, and came along to assist on the day. Also Michelle and Col who joined us for the walk, Michelle taking many photos for us. Also Jo, who assisted with the excursion on the day and was able to see more of Aireys Inlet than our classroom. Without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to use our environment as the classroom for the day, and certainly not have it run as smoothly as it did.