About Aireys Inlet Primary School

About Aireys Inlet
Primary School

Nestled between the ocean and national park in the coastal town of Aireys Inlet. The community of Aireys Inlet Primary School are unquestionably inspired by our unique natural surroundings. The school empowers all students to embrace learning and achieve their personal best. 

Whole Child

The school has a strong commitment to nurturing the growth of the whole child. With this purpose in mind, we support your child’s intellectual, social, emotional, & physical development. Through inclusive interaction with peers, family, school, our unique environment and the broader community, our students participate in a comprehensive educational and social program. Accordingly, children build confidence and a sense of belonging to carry them through their primary school years.


Our school has many wonderful volunteer community members in roles such as parent classroom helpers, parents club, sustainability program coordinators, fundraising and many more. Also, working with the broader community, Students partake eco projects with local interest groups and government bodies, learn from the local indigenous community, participate in art exhibitions and perform at annual Open Mic and music festivals. Overall there are plenty of opportunities to find something you are passionate about in our area of the world and share with the school community.

Love of Learning

By providing this inclusive and caring learning environment, together with all the advantages of a coastal lifestyle, we engage our students and challenge them to grow. Learning to acquire, demonstrate and articulate the value of knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners, therefore ensuring students are ready to move into high school and beyond. 
Fostering a love of learning and natural curiosity beyond the four walls of a classroom. We are lucky to be surrounded by a native bush reserve with beaches and a marine sanctuary right on our doorstep. Embracing learning opportunities provided by our coastal lifestyle, we are given a chance to explore the world around us. Expanding creative and critical thinking and encouraging students to be conscience and responsible global citizens.