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 Students hit the beach for some after school waves.

The last two Wednesdays students from years 3 and 4 have hit the beach at Urqharts to improve their surfing skills ready for summer. Students have been able to participate in the SurfGroms program run by Go Ride A Wave in Anglesea.

A big thank you to Glen Hurst for organising this after school program for the kids. Growing up by the ocean our kids spend plenty of time at the beach and leading into the summer holidays it’s great the school can offer kids a such a great learning experience.

Having qualified surfing instructors in the water with them along with the small waves,  it has been perfect for the kids gaining confidence in the water.  There were some awesome rides and plenty of inventive ways the kids came up with to catch a wave. Lots of laughter and fun was had riding lying down on their backs.

Thanks to Go Ride A Wave for running the program after school. They run plenty of surf programs for all ages and abilities. The SurfGroms program is a good way for your kids to learn about the ocean and staying safe at the beach plus having heaps of fun learning to surf.