Wellbeing is something we all strive to attain. As a parent you play an active role in promoting the wellbeing of your child. The National Safe Schools Framework was developed by the Australian Government to support schools in building safe and respectful school communities that promote student wellbeing.
The Framework
• helps you understand how your child’s school is working to ensure that every student is safe and supported
• suggests what you can do to support your child’s school.
You will find information, resources and advice about important topics that impact on your child’s sense of wellbeing at https://studentwellbeinghub.edu.au/parents/

Online safety is an important element of a safe and supportive school. The digital world offers great benefits. As a parent, you have an important role to play in ensuring your child makes the most of their online experiences, free from potential harm. It is important to keep up to date with what your child is doing online, and to support them to keep safe online. The student Wellbeing Hub has practical advice and tips for parents. This site can be accessed at https://studentwellbeinghub.edu.au/parents/primary/online-safety#/

At Aireys Inlet Primary School the pastoral care of our students is of utmost importance.
We promote a healthy lifestyle in our school community, where we believe good food, exercise and rest are they key to maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.
Our students develop strong relationships with their teachers, and fellow students and are happy to come to school as indicated in the student Attitudes to School survey completed annually.

We have a Student Welfare Officer, who offers support for students and families in need and we are able to access Education Department allied health professionals such as Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Visiting Teachers who are able to provide specialized assistance.