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Literacy is separated into three areas:

  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening


Students participate in shared, modeled, guided and independent reading activities in whole class, small group and individual settings. Groups are fluid and flexible to cater for different learning needs and goals.

The daily reading program centres around a reading CAFÉ, an acronym for:   




      Expanding Vocabulary

The CAFÉ reading menu has been developed to help students understand and master strategies used by successful readers.


The Six Traits of Writing program is used to teach students skills in how to improve their writing in a variety of genres. The Six Traits are:

  • Ideas
  • Organisation
  • Voice
  • Word choice
  • Fluency
  • Conventions

This program is complemented by the Seven Steps of Writing, which provides students with the tools required to structure their written texts to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions. Through writing conferences students develop individual goals to improve their writing skills.

Using the Sound Waves program, all formal word studies (including spelling, vocabulary, grammar conventions) are included.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening is modeled and applied throughout the day as students engage in discussions, the retelling and reading of stories, sharing news and group interaction as they work cooperatively.

Senior students participate in Toastmasters Speaking and Listening program in order to practice public speaking, improve communication and build leadership skills. Students will be required to research, prepare, practice, present and evaluate oral presentations.